Back in the spring 2021, the officers of Una Voce Des Moines invited you to participate in a project to commission a statue of St. Padre Pio.  Despite delays due to covid and shipping complications, the statue arrived this month, and we have mounted it on the last colonnade near the SE doors.  

First, we want to thank you for your support in offering this as a gift to St. Anthony’s for their weekly celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass.  Following the announcement from His Excellency earlier this month, this gift seems all the more appropriate.

And, to Msgr. Chiodo, Father Dolan, and all the priests who celebrate this Mass and serve this community:  thank you for welcoming the Traditional Latin Mass into the parish on a regular basis.  We appreciate having a home and feeling so welcome.  We are honored and delighted to make this oblation to you.

Padre Pio is a beloved Italian saint, and its veneration will be well-received at St. Anthony’s.

You’ll notice below the statue, there’s a plaque, which reads:

Per il mondo sarebbe più facile esistere senza il sole
che senza la Santa Messa.

(It would be easier for the world to exist without the sun
than without the Holy Mass.)

– Padre Pio

In thanksgiving for the frequent offering
of the Traditional Latin Mass,
this statue of St. Padre Pio is a gift
from the Members of Una Voce Des Moines

This saying from Padre Pio highlights one of the reasons we all attend this solemn liturgical rite.

Here are some photos: