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The 2023 Liturgical Calendar is ready!

Friends, we have a personalized 2023 liturgical calendar!

Thanks to TAN Press, the photography of Lisa Bourne, and the graphic design of Sam Fernholtz, we have a 2023 Liturgical Calendar just in time for Advent/Christmas shopping!

The unique 10.5″ x 10.5″, spiral-bound calendar contains high-quality images of our new home, St. Augustin. Photos of recent Masses were taken and included to showcase the beauty of St. Augustin Catholic Church, but more so the beauty of the Mass that resides inside it.

Here are some images:

Each day has indications for the liturgical calendar in both Usus Antiquior (old calendar feast days) and the Usus Recentior (new calendar feast days), as well as abstinence or fast symbols.  Note that under each day of the week there is a theme which is traditionally observed.

There’s an entire page on spiritual fasting and the symbols that each day indicate.

This year, we even added when local TLMs were going to be on special occasions:

Proceeds benefit Una Voce Des Moines and the continued promotion of the Traditional Mass throughout Central Iowa. 

Be sure to share with your friends and family, but order quickly as Christmas is in a few weeks and we have a limited supply!

Calendar costs:

1 calendar – $20

6 calendar – $100

(Additional cost for shipping TBD)

For more information, email Bryan @ or call/text 812.686.6102.


Rorate Mass in Des Moines


Benedictus Subscriptions available at St. Augustin

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  1. Joe and Joan Kenneally

    We will take one calendar and bring money tonight.
    Thank you
    Joe and Joan Kenneally

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