Promoting the Traditional Latin Mass in Central Iowa

Author: Jacob Minock

A Gift to St. Anthony’s: A St. Padre Pio Statue

Dear Friends of Una Voce Des Moines,

Blessings to you on this Tuesday following Laetare Sunday!

The Officers of Una Voce Des Moines wish to invite you to a unique opportunity to say “thank you” to St. Anthony’s for hosting the Traditional Latin Mass (or the Extraordinary Form) for the past 13+ years.  With this gift, we hope to continue being here for many years to come.

The Una Voce Des Moines patron — as you recall from the 2021 calendar — is St. Padre Pio.  He’s a holy saintly confessor, priest, stigmatist, and Italian, which makes him a natural fit for a parish with Italian roots to be the beneficiary of a statue of Padre Pio.

Padre Pio is an interesting saint.  While he is considered a contemporary Catholic, he was trained and celebrated exclusively the Traditional Latin Mass during his lifetime.  When the liturgical changes occurred at the end of his life, his vision was poor and declining, so he celebrated the “Mass of the Ages” which he had been celebrating for 50+ years by heart.  The traditional Mass was a part of his very being.

Una Voce Des Moines is delighted to commission this custom statue to be produced by the Fathers of Mercy, 50″ in height, a 12″ x 12″ base:  fiberglass, oil painted finish, and glass eyes.   The estimated time arrival of the statue is this summer.

The cost of the entire project is $3,000, and it is our hope to find 15 donors who can cover $200.  A plaque will be created with an inscription attributing the donation to Una Voce Des Moines, as a gesture of our gratitude to St. Anthony’s for hosting the TLM over these years, so any amount will be helpful in achieving our goal.

If you’re able to support this noble endeavor, please consider making a donation via PayPal (keep in mind, there are fees, so if you’re going to cover $200, please add a little extra to cover the fees).

Otherwise, feel free to find me at Mass on Sunday, where I plan to make another announcement.

Since Una Voce DSM is *not* a non-profit organization, your donation isn’t tax deductible.  Nevertheless, we invite you to do something special for St. Anthony’s.

Per il mondo sarebbe più facile esistere senza il sole che senza la Santa Messa.
(It would be easier for the world to exist without the sun than without the Holy Mass.)- Padre Pio

With gratitude for your anticipated generosity which you show towards St. Anthony’s,
Bryan Gonzalez
President, Una Voce Des Moines

Check Out Benedictus!

A New Monthly Booklet For Daily Use! (Subscription Required)
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Enter the broader stream of Catholic liturgy with daily excerpts included from both Lauds and Vespers of the 1960 Breviarum Romanum, the official morning and evening hours of prayer used by clergy and religious throughout the world.

Learn at the feet of Catholic spiritual masters each day, with devout meditations curated exclusively from saints and scholars who prayed and loved the Ancient Mass, from the Early Church to the early 1900s.

Dive deeper into our heritage of Faith through insightful mini-essays on the feasts and saints of the traditional calendar, as well as brief catecheses and ideas for extending a liturgical life into the home.

Several pages of superb Catholic prayers, proven over generations of pious use. Some are offered in Latin as well as English, to further enable and enrich personal and communal prayer in the mother tongue of the Church.

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A Protestant Goes to Mass…

As someone who only fairly recently in his life started attending Latin Mass, I can related to awe this man felt at his first couple Latin Masses.

Attendance Increases, Average Age Decreases at St. Anthony TLM

Since the Traditional Latin Mass has moved upstairs in Sept 2017, we have seen a 140% increase in mass attendance, while the average age (as estimated during July 2019) is 28.6 years old.  

Many young people are serving, sure, but we have many young families with young children praying weekly in the pews.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Traditional Latin Mass, or maybe you want to explore if it’s a good option for your children’s religious formation, join us on a Sunday at 5pm, and be sure to read this article before you attend.

Traditional Baptism

In March 2019, the Chapel at Mercy College of Health Science had its first Traditional Baptism!

Thanks to Fr. Windschitl for welcoming Baby Helena into Church!

Mass with Bishop Pates

On December 2, 2018, +His Excellency, Bishop Pates, joined the Traditional Latin Mass Community for our weekly celebration and our monthly potluck.

It was an honor for us to have him join us, and we appreciate that he has allowed us to celebrate this weekly since 2007.  He preached and sat in choir, and it was the first time – to our knowledge – that a +Bishop has joined us for the Sunday celebration.

Ad multos annos, +Bishop Pates, and many blessings in retirement!

Traditional Baptism

Back in January 2019, a local family baptized their newborn according to the ancient baptismal rite at St. Augustin’s by the Reverend Christopher Pisut.  

This marks 5 different local diocesan churches which have celebrated the Traditional Baptismal Rite in the past 12 months:  St. Anthony’s, Basilica of St. John, St. Augustin, St. Theresa, and Mercy College of Health Science Chapel.

If you are interested in having your child baptized, reach out to Una Voce Des Moines, and we can assist in preparing the priest and a booklet for you.

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