Many of us live in or near Des Moines, but some who attend the old Mass drive upwards of 2 hours each Sunday to experience this ancient form of prayer.  You’re welcome to join us, too!

As of now, St. Augustin’s in Des Moines offers the only TLM in the diocese every Sunday at 4pm.

545 42nd St, Des Moines, IA 50312


Bryan Gonzalez, President
Thomas Ogden, Vice President
Rachel Marr, Treasurer
Audra Hutton, Secretary
Samantha Fernholz, Ambassador
Rosie Heflin, Ambassador 
Bo Bonner, Ambassador
Rev. Christopher Pisut, Spiritual Advisor

To learn more, below are our bylaws (Una Voce Des Moines – Bylaws FINAL) which have been approved by Una Voce America in December 2016.

Article 1:  Name
Article 2:  Statement of Purpose
Article 3:  Membership
Article 4:  Officers
Article 5:  Meetings
Article 6:  Funds
Article 7:  Miscellaneous

Article 1:  Name

This chapter of Una Voce shall be known as “Una Voce Des Moines,” and shall be referred to as ‘chapter’ throughout these By-Laws. It is a member of Una Voce America.

Article 2:  Statement of Purpose

The chapter has the following aims that shall direct its activities:

  1. To work as a lay movement within the Church for an organic restoration of the liturgy in conformity with its nature and with the Latin tradition;
  2. To ensure that the traditional Roman Mass as codified in the Missale Romanum edited by Pope John XXIII is maintained — both in practice and in law — as one of the forms of Eucharistic celebration which are recognized and honored in universal liturgical life;
  3. To obtain freedom of use for all other Roman liturgical books enshrining “previous liturgical and disciplinary forms of the Latin tradition” (cf. Ecclesia Dei, n. 5);
  4. To safeguard and promote the use of Latin, Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony in the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church;
  5. To encourage, wherever it would benefit the faithful, the establishment of non-territorial parishes and/or chaplaincies in which only the liturgical books used in 1962 are employed;
  6. To serve the Church by helping the members of the movement and, through their apostolate, all the Christifideles better to understand, and more fruitfully participate in, the Catholic liturgy as a sacred action.

Article 3:  Membership

  1. Each member must be a practicing Catholic that agrees to our Chapter’s Statement of Purpose.
  2. Member families & individuals would request membership and make a donation for dues (suggestion, $50 per family, $30 per individual).
  3. Annual dues are subject to future implementation.
  4. Dues shall be waived for clergy or members of religious orders.

Article 4:  Officers

  1. Only members who are in good standing, i.e., paid their annual dues, shall be eligible to hold office. No member shall hold more than one office at the same time.
  2. The officers shall be as follows: President and Vice President.
  3. The officers shall perform the duties required of them by the By-Laws of this chapter.
  4. The President, at his discretion, shall form all committees and appoint all committee chairmen thereof.

Article 5:  Meetings

  1. Regular meetings of the chapter shall be held, with time and place to be determined by the Officers. The President shall decide if a quorum exists.
  2. All meetings of the chapter shall be presided over by the President. In the absence or inability of the President, the Vice President shall preside and shall execute all of the duties of the President.
  3. Special meetings shall be convened either by vote of the chapter or by direction of the President.

Article 6:  Funds

  1. All monies obtained from any source, by or through any person or persons, acting for or in the name of the chapter or under its direction or authority, shall be considered chapter funds and shall be forthwith delivered to the President.
  2. The President shall deposit all monies received in a bank to the credit of the chapter. Disbursements from this fund shall be made only by check signed by the President.

Article 7:  Miscellaneous

These bylaws may be amended at the discretion of the Officers or upon the request of a member and with the unanimous approval of the Officers.

To view the bylaws as a PDF, Una Voce Des Moines – Bylaws FINAL.